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Client Testimonial: "Exquisite Photography" Sells My Listings :: Peoria, Illinois, Real Estate Photographer

Cedar Street home in Delavan, IL -- SOLD with photography by Michael Gowin, Illinois Home Photography -

Cedar Street home in Delavan, IL -- SOLD with photography by Michael Gowin, Illinois Home Photography -

I've been preaching the value of professional real estate photography here, both for selling homes and building an agent's brand. Then Saturday one of my clients, Cilla Williams in Morton, IL, sends me this unsolicited email:

Here's a true story you can share when you're having a conversation with an agent about the merits of using you: 2 of the 3 homes you've photographed for me are in difficult markets in central Illinois, Delavan and Hopedale. In Delavan, the average days on market is 140. Hopedale is similar. [Note: Delavan has a population of 1680; Hopedale is 867.]

When I market homes in these communities, I have to overcome concerns about location, home value, etc. A strong internet impression by means of excellent photos makes all the difference in my marketingI have to get buyers at least intrigued by what they see online in order for them to consider these small rural communities.  

The outcome? Both the Delavan AND the Hopedale homes have sold. Delavan: full price, multiple offers, 77 days. Hopedale went into contract last week. It took a while for the Hopedale home; 160 days... [But] we were able to sell the home for 98% of the list price.

Also important to note here is the fact that in both cases, buyers came from out of townThey started their search on the internet, and your photos were their first exposure to the home they eventually purchased. There were other factors involved, but the photos were exactly what was needed to get buyer attention. (By the way, the Cedar Street in Delavan home [pictured above] wins the prize for most expensive per square foot in Delavan sales last year!) 

For me, exquisite photography is not a luxury; it's a vital marketing necessity.

I'm happy to help Cilla sell homes, grow her real estate business, and build her reputation with great photography. If you're going to sell a home in central Illinois near Morton or Peoria, you should get in touch with Cilla.

If you're an agent, imagine what professional real estate photographs could do for your clients and your business.

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